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Neuroinformed performance optimization

Quantitative EEG-measurement and coaching for individuals

The Neuroinformed Performance Optimisation package includes


A quantitative EEG measurement is performed, from which an individualized BrainMind Audit (BMA) profile is calculated.


The BMA profile provides information and understanding of your brain activity and how it relates to your life, performance, and mental well-being.


We review your meaningful change goals and, together, develop concrete strategies to optimize your mental well-being and performance.

How much would you like to optimise your performance and improve your well-being?

Our Neuro-informed Performance Optimization (NiPO) combines the BrainMind Audit measurement with solution-focused coaching. The measurement provides information on how you can enhance your well-being, resources, and performance by considering the current state of your brain and mind. The coaching ensures that you can practically apply this information.

All learning and development is based on the brain’s ability to adapt to the needs set by our actions and environment; our brains are plastic. Lifestyle, habitual thinking, and behavior patterns—all are reflected in our brains, both positively and negatively.

The BrainMind Audit measurement is a scientific method developed by BM-Sciencen, offering objective information about the current state of your brain. The information provided by the BMA gives you a solid foundation to tailor changes that best improve your well-being and performance.

Implementing new behavior patterns in your life is not always easy. To ensure that the information from the BMA benefits you the most, we help you through coaching to establish new positive thinking and behavior patterns as part of your daily life.

Neuroinformed Performance Optimisation package

939 €
  • BrainMind Audit EEG measurement
  • BMA situation assessment 1,5 h
  • Individual coaching
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